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  • 2024-02-14   Admission Open for 2024 - 25
  • 2024-05-21   SUMMER VACATION

about Shamrock International Public School


Shamrock International Public School is an inclusive and tolerant school community which welcomes even  students with special educational needs and disabilities (Students of Determination). It is a school which fosters Innovation, Creativity, Reading Literacy and seeks to develop C21st Learning Skills. SIPS seeks to promote an understanding of cultural secularization and values through the teaching of Social Studies and Moral Education.  

Number of innovative features are incorporated in to the formal frame work of the curriculum of the school.It got affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate of Education (CISCE), New Delhi.

 At Shamrock we have taken this National Framework and developed a set of core values to create #Future Ready global citizens equipped with the skills they will need to keep learning and thrive in C21. 


From the founder's Desk

Dear Parent,

We recognize that the decision on which school community to join is one of the most important, and challenging decisions you will take as a parent.

The world around us is changing rapidly, and we need New Ways of Learning for a New World. These new ways are about asking questions, identifying the complex, layered problems that society is facing, and collaborating to solve them. They are about learning to learn.

Shamrock was established to create a blueprint for New Learning for a New World. Our belief is that we are all born with inherent talents; that we each have our unique dreams, learning preferences, strengths and development needs. The purpose of life and education therefore is to enable every child to find their passion, fulfill their potential to be the best that we can be, and contribute to making the world a better place.

The measure of our success at Indenture is to enable every student to excel in academics, in one chosen co-curricular activity and be prepared for life.

The one aspect which really stands out at Shamrock is just how happy our students and faculty are, and how each and every one of them finds their passion and an area to excel in. The key to this has been our 'innovator’s mindset’, and ability to put our learning community's wellbeing at the top and Centre of all that we do.

Join Shamrock and be part of our thriving community.

Sukmeet Singh Dhaliwal

Chairman, Shamrock International Public School




The board of governors is ultimately responsible for the conduct of Shamrock. In addition to providing the long-term strategy for the school, the board of governors also appoints and holds the director to account for the management and performance of the school. The board of governors consists of individuals appointed on a voluntary basis and willing to contribute their time plus personal and professional skills to Shamrock.

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Our Mission

To educate young people in ways that prepare them to be active, free thinking, and socially responsible citizens in a democratic society. Our mission is to develop the intellectual, aesthetic, moral, physical, social and emotional potential of the students. The school atmosphere fosters the allegiance of the students to their cultural heritage and promotes respect and tolerance between students and teachers. The students are rooted to their culture and are ready to accept any new challenge with a fresh approach towards learning.



The Shamrock International Public School,in its pursuit of a holistic education, envisages inspiring and fostering a community of caring, progressive, and lifelong learners, who view success as more than just academic achievements; rather the personal, emotional and spiritual growth of the human being.

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